Saturday, September 01, 2007

I am married to a real life Prince Charming

So, okay, I know this might come across as bragging husband is the very best and most wonderful sweetie in the world! He sat me down today and asked me if I was really serious about writing for which I replied, "Absolutely."

I'd mentioned recently that I'd like to have a laptop computer and he asked me today, why. I gave him three reasons:

1. Because the laptop wouldn't be hooked up to the net and for me that's really distracting- it's too easy to mess around online when I should be writing.
2. If I'm not on the computer, the kids can use it more.
3. Mobility. On the ferry, waiting for the kids to finish up at misc activities, etc.

Well, apparently those were good enough reasons for him because he got online tonight and ordered me up a brand spankin' new HP Pavillion laptop computer while I was off at the mall with my daughters!! What a guy!

I knew before today that my husband was wonderful, today simply reenforces how much he loves me and wants me to pursue my dreams. He's such a love.


Bronwen said...

LOL I ended up getting an Alpha Smart. I got my laptop but still hook up to the net BAD GIRL BAD BAD GIRL but then again when I research on my laptop I know the girls can't access it. Even by accident

Danielle Marie Peck said...

I had a laptop before, an older one that I used strictly for writing but I made the mistake of letting the kids use it one day and one of them put it down on top of hubby's very powerful speakers. Well, we all know what are inside speakers....very powerful magnets.

Yep, my laptop got wiped out...along with all of my writing.

So, needless to say, the kids will be forbidden to touch this one.

As for hooking it up to the'll be kind of hard because we don't have wireless here and I'd have to climb around under my desk to unhook the PC in order to hook it up to the laptop...I don't think it'll happen LOL

Kristen Painter said...

What a great guy! And what an awesome gift! Gotta love a man like that.

Danielle Marie Peck said...

Yep, I gotta...and I would even if I didn't have to.