Sunday, September 23, 2007

Setting is everything...

A story I'm working on has been taking the life out of me lately.
The rough draft is due and I've been procrastinating on even looking at it. Two days ago I figured out why.

The setting was off.

I had the story set in France and I just wasn't loving it. It wasn't working for me so I put it aside and stopped working on it. The ideas refused to come.

So now I've decided to move the setting to a totally different place and the ideas are rolling in faster than I can write them down. It's all about the setting so if you're working on something and it's refusing to move, maybe the setting is all wrong and literally needs to be moved.

Maybe your story is set in a tropical hide away and maybe it needs to be set in a desert instead. A city might need to be in the country, a mountain setting might work better in a valley.