Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

The day was merry, the food was delicious- all except for the pumpkin pie that my mother forgot to put the sugar in- and the company was delightful. I haven't been able to get much writing done, but the fact that my parents drove 500 miles to spend the holiday with me more than makes up for it.

I've been watching people, too- watching reactions, taking note of facial expressions, behaviors in certain situations so that if I ever need to write about something similar, I can recall these last few days and come up with something realistic and heartfelt.

I find myself, more and more, drawing on real life situations when I'm trying to describe something in my writing and I find that the result is much more life like and real as opposed to trying to come up with something cold.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Why is it?

Why is it that this holiday time that is supposed to be so meaningful and blessed ends up being so stressful and exhausting?

Is it because we make it that way with our shopping frenzies and wanting everything to be perfect so that anyone watching us will be amazed by how well we do things? Or is it because this time of year is just naturally more stressful than the rest?

I'm beginning to think it's the latter. My shopping has been done since October- for the most part- so it hasn't been stressful around here because of that, in fact, I try really hard to stay away from retail venues this time of year so shopping isn't a problem. But I'm still stressed and at my wits end.

My dear Aunt had open heart surgery on Tuesday the 12th and it was much more serious than the average open heart surgery so her recovery has been difficult. I had to pick up another aunt from the airport last Sunday, take my grandmother to the airport yesterday and have to take the other aunt back to the airport on Tuesday- which also happens to be my birthday. The aunt that had surgery is being released from the hospital tomorrow into my care so she'll be staying with me until she's ready to take care of herself but in the meantime, not only am I taking care of her but I also have to go to her home and take care of her pets and keep her home clean so that she won't have to worry about it when she can go home. Then to top it off we had a terrible wind storm here a few days ago and were without electricity for nearly four days- it just came back on this afternoon.

I know it sounds like I'm complaining but I'm really not. I love my aunt with all my heart and would do anything for her, it just seems like there's so much going on right now that it's hard to keep my head above water.

My parents are coming here for Christmas and staying with us for a few days so that will be a nice break from the stress because I know that my mom will be more than willing to take up some of the slack and give me a break- she's good that way.

Anyway, my writing- needless to say- hasn't progressed very far in the passed few days, in fact, it hasn't progressed at all. I'm hoping to get some done tonight.

Stressful or not, Merry Christmas to all of you!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A foot in the door

I got an awesome email today from Harlequin. I entered their Ultimate Reunion contest a few weeks ago and I was chosen as one of three winners. I'm so excited. I won a years subscription to the Harlequin reader's service- a years worth of books. It can't get much better than that.

I feel like by winning this, I now have a foot in the door with them and that's what really makes me happy. I can put this on my writing resume and it will mean something.