Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Three cheers for Julia Quinn!

I'm trying very hard to get through my TRB pile- it's substantial, in fact, it's enormous. There are well over 200 books on various shelves throughout my house that I haven't gotten to yet. Well yesterday I finished up another Julia Quinn masterpiece. The Duke and I. A story of accidental love- two people who fein a relationship to keep the community matchmakers at bay- yes it's one that's been told before- but this one was told in such a wonderfully magical way that I can't help but give a hearty shout out to one of my favorite authors of regency romance. Julia, you amaze me! Your stories steal my heart and make me laugh, cry, and finish with a blissful sigh.

This book is published by Avon and it's an older book- 2001 I think- but so worth finding and I am definitely putting it on my Keeper shelf...also substantial.

What have you, my faithful readers, read lately that left you feeling completely satisfied?