Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Memorable Things About the State's I've been to:

1. California- The Redwood Forest. My family used to camp at Jedediah Smith State Park every Labor Day Weekend.

2. Arizona- Scorpions, I visited my Aunt in Sedona and stepped outside her back door to watch the scorpions scatter

3. Nevada- Circus Circus- I loved watching the motorcycle riders in the big steel ball hanging from the ceiling.

4. Oregon- I was born there but I don’t remember that. I do, however, remember taking the jet boat rides down the Rogue River into Hells Gate Canyon. So much fun.

5. Washington- I live here now and love going to Seattle Center to see the Space Needle. Eating at the restaurant at the top is a fun experience.

6. Idaho- Couer D’Alene is such a fun quaint little town.

7. Montana- The sky that seems to never end. It’s so vast and uninterrupted. Guess that’s why they call it Big sky country.

8. Wyoming- Herds of Buffalo. They are such huge, amazing, curious animals

9. South Dakota- 1880 Town, Wall Drug, & Camping in The Badlands- I couldn’t pick just one thing for this state. We had a lot of fun here.

10. Wisconsin- Huge Dairy Farms. I’ve never seen so many cows in one place before.

11. Iowa- Corn fields that went on as far as the eye can see

12. Missouri- The Missouri River was so big.

13. Kentucky- That was our destination on our trip five years ago. We ended up in Barlow where I saw Fire Flies, Cardinals, Prairie dogs, & White tail deer. I toured soybean farms, tobacco plantations & an amazing quilt museum. Civil war battlegrounds, Mammoth caves. There is so much to love about that area of the country. I can’t wait to go back!

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    Kristen Painter said...

    Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog!!

    Elle Fredrix said...

    We've been thinking about taking a trip along the west coast. Fly to BC or Washington, rent a car and hit Oregon and California. Is that the way it goes?

    I've heard it's an awesome drive.

    Marie said...

    Yep, that's the way it goes and it is a beautiful drive, especially if you take the coastal route.

    Thanks for stopping by!