Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen Thirteen things I love to hear my husband say:

1. “Honey, I got a bonus on my paycheck, why don’t you go shopping without the kids and get yourself something special.”

2. “I’ll do the dishes tonight, sweetie, you’ve had a hard day.”

3. “Go look in the driveway, honey, I bought you a new car.” (This one actually happened a couple of weeks ago and I almost fainted.)

4. “I arranged a sitter, we’re going out tonight.”

5. “I arranged for the kids to go to my mom’s house, we’re staying in tonight.”

6. “Have I told you lately how beautiful you are?”

7. “No, those pants make your butt look wonderful.”

8. “You couldn’t look fat if you tried.”

9.“Our kids are only as brilliant as they are because they take after you.”

10. “I washed all the laundry today and mopped the kitchen, cleaned all three bathrooms and scheduled a full hour of massage…they’re waiting for you now, I’ll watch the kids.”

11. “You look as young now as you did when we got married 15 years ago.”

12. “Honey, can I do anything to help you?”

And my favorite- I know I’m a sap-

13.“Honey, I’m home.”

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Sandra Ferguson said...

Um, #13 works for me as well. My hubby is gone at night and it is so wonderful when he gets in. Especially when the kids are back in school. *WINK*

#8 works great too. Maybe I should print that one off and post in by my bathroom mirror. Do you think he'd get the hint?

Elle Fredrix said...

You know, I'd have to say there isn't a womna on the planet that would like to hear most of those!