Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Reply to Daily Prompt #2

Okay, here's what I came up with in ten minutes for the Daily Prompt #2 exercise:

The star on top of the Christmas tree swayed as the little house shook and rocked with the force of the winds outside. Marcy grabbed her cell phone and a flashlight before running for the tiny hall closet in the center of the house. She knew she should’ve gone out into the storm shelter but it was too late now. She just hoped the gas main didn’t blow and send her and her house spiraling toward Oz; fried crispy in the process.
This tornado had come on quickly, very late in the season, and no one had anticipated the force with which it would strike the small town she’d lived in all her life. As she crouched in the closet she squeezed her eyes closed and tried to think of the good times; coming in first place playing her violin at the state competition in high school, supporting her school’s sports teams, spending countless hours gossiping with her best friends during slumber parties. They were all good times and she was terrified that they were about to end.
Marcy’s phone rang and she flipped it open and wanted to cry with relief when she heard her boyfriend’s voice on the other end.
“Sean, where are you? Are you okay? I can’t believe how crazy it is here…I’m scared.” Marcy cried.
“Hey Baby, don’t cry. Just get in the groove, yeah? It’s all good, baby.” Sean’s voice sounded strange and Marcy was startled by his lack of concern for her wellbeing.
“Sean, are you high? I’m in the middle of a tornado!”
“Wow, cool, baby.” Sean laughed, obviously not in his right mind.
Marcy flipped her phone shut and buried her face in her hands and cried. Her life was falling apart and she was sitting in a closet while the wind ripped her house apart...and then everything was quiet; deathly quiet.
Marcy knew then and there that this was a new beginning for her. She didn’t need Sean or his stupid choices making a mess of her life…Mother Nature was good enough at that all by herself.


Bronwen Cleathero said...

gotta love it. Have to transfer mine to the pc so I can load it.

Bronwen Cleathero said...

Thanks for your support in regards to my dad.

Danielle said...

You're welcome! I hope things improve for you and your dad.