Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I've been Tagged...again

Okay Elle, 6-10 weird things about me...hmmm, I might have to think on that a bit :o)

1. I, too, am ambidexterous and since you listed that one, I can too.
2. I can't get comfortable in bed unless it's made when I get in. I know I'm gonna mess it up anyway, but it has to start out made.
3. Some people think I'm weird because I detest eggs and milk. I refuse to eat/drink either of them.
4. I can only wear 18k gold jewelery or I get a terrible rash.
5. My dream vacation is not someplace tropical and popular, rather it's the historical landmarks of the eastern U.S.
6. I'm allergic to cats but own two of them.
7. I hate leaving the little island I live on, even to go shopping on the mainland.

I can't think of anymore right now. Maybe I'll add to this when I get back from the hospital this afternoon.


Elle Fredrix said...

I'm with you on the milk. Re-pul-sive. I've never drank it and I have nice strong bones and nails, thank you very much.