Thursday, November 01, 2007

Another year draws to a close

Today is November 1st. The year is 5/6 over already. People over the world are starting their NaNoWriMo challenge. The United States will celebrate Thanksgiving in three short weeks, Christmas 4 weeks after that and a week later it will be 2008. Then it will be time to put into motion New Year's resolutions, force ourselves to remember that it's 2008 when we write a check or some other document that requires the date.

So what will be your goals for the new year? Do you need to eat less and exercise more? Organize your home? Finish a book you're writing, start a new book, find an agent? Learn a new skill? Take up a new hobby or maybe finish that closet full of crafts you started and set aside?

As I look at that list, I find it kind of funny that most of those apply to me! I need to do most of those things, all but the start a new book and find an agent ones.

So tell me, what are some New Year's Resolutions that you're considering?


Jane said...

New Years resolutions already? Don't scare me! I still have to get Christmas sorted.
I'm so used to making my New Years Resolutions about doing more, more, more. Next year, I think I need to focus on finishing and simplifying, since I can't imagine they'll suddenly discover how to warp time so you get more done each day.
Thought provoking post, by the way :).

Marie said...


Kander said...

Yes to all of those suggestions. Goodness, it's hard to believe that this year is coming to a close already. Mind baffling, really. Actually, the biggest thing I probably have to work on is procrastination. (Which is, ironically enough, what I am doing right now). I doubt that my work load will get any easier the second half of my junior year and into my senior one which means I better become more organized with my time. Still, I really enjoyed the post. It caused me to think and allowed me a small distraction. :-) Thank you, Ma'am