Friday, November 09, 2007

An Amazing thing happened yesterday...

A dear friend of mine who happens to live in Australia, emailed me with some information about a writer's workshop that takes place right here on my little island. I looked up the info and contacted the author who is hosting the event- his name is Bob Mayer- and got to talking with him about it. At first the finances just weren't there for me to go but now they are and my wonderful husband is insisting that I go. I'm so excited. Writing is my dream job and to be able to get input and knowledge from a New York Times best selling author is going to be so amazing. I can't wait for next Thursday to arrive. It's four days, here on Whidbey Island at the Saratoga Inn in Langley. What a beautiful place for a workshop!

So, my To Do list, in order for me to be ready to go, includes the following:

  • Write a cover letter
  • Write a synopsis for City Nanny, Country Singer
  • Polish first 20 pages of manuscript
  • Send all of above to my wonderful crit partners for a final polishing and do any and all necessary edits.

And you can all be sure that I'll be posting some of the wonderful information I glean from this experience! If anyone wants more information on Bob Mayer, just click on the title of this blog post and it'll take you to his website.


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Sweets!! I'm totally thrilled for you. So get writing and knock his socks off!

Marie said...

I'm working on it. Should have the final draft of the cover and synopsis done today as well as the 20 pages. Thanks Brown :)