Sunday, September 12, 2010


This evening, while my husband watched a movie I didn't care to watch, I began thinking back on where my love of writing came from, when it began and it led me to pull out the file folder containing the poetry I wrote years ago, some of it decades ago- makes me sound old, hu? That I could have written something decades ago? Anyway, some of it is pretty rough, some of it is total rubbish, others aren't too bad at all and if I lined it up from earliest to latest the growth would be obvious.

Some of these poems force me to remember times in my life that were really bad, because they're full of anger, pain and tremendous dispair. It kind of awed me that I could write something that could evoke such feeling so many years after putting pen to paper...and I began to wonder if I could do the same with fiction work. Can I create characters that will grip my readers? Can I create scenes that will transport someone from here to there? Will I be able to produce a plot that is gripping and emotional from beginning to end?

And wondering this I am motivated to try. I know that my characters mean something to me but I want so badly for them to mean something to someone else as well. I want to touch someone and bring about strong feelings with my words on paper, to help them feel something they would otherwise not have felt; joy, laughter, sadness, angst, anger, love, excitement, anticipation, and in the end, fulfillment.

So tell me, readers, what kind of emotions to you like to feel when you're engrossed in a story? What makes you feel? What kind of characters evoke strong responses from you?

In the near future I may post some of my poetry on here, just for fun, so be watching for it :)