Thursday, May 10, 2007

Is a mortgage worth it?

Okay, I've been absent around here because hubby and I decided to try and buy a house. We've been renting for 15 years and we thought it was time to buy. Man, what a stressful process. We've now decided to do a lease with option to buy the house that we're in. Our landlords have agreed and now we're just working out the details. The good thing is that the house we're in is perfect for us, big enough for all the kids and in a great neighborhood plus it's not going to cost us a huge fortune like most of the other houses on the island. Plus, the biggest bonus of all...We won't have to move!!! YAY!! I've moved 20 times in 15 years and I'm so glad not to have to do it again.

My writing? Well, it's really suffered here lately. I haven't written a word and I really miss it. I'm going to try, really really hard, today to get a few words written before the kids come home from school.


Stacy Dawn said...

Oh good luck with the house!! Sending good thoughts and prayers!!

Bronwen said...

Danielle we seem to disappear at the same time. Should have let you know but I am back now and on the move. Glad to here you won't have to move again. i LOATHE moving.