Friday, April 06, 2007

Book Review

I read a steamy short story today that I thought was worth noting here on my blog. It's written by Sela Carsen- you can find her blog link listed in the side margin of my blog- and the story was entitled: The Virgin Courtesan.

This line:
He headed into his room to see if the water in his basin was cold enough to convince his brain to travel north again.
Made me laugh. I thought it was pefrectly stated. The tension was good and both characters were likable and well thought out. The villian made me cringe and I even felt a little bit nauseated by him so I'd have to say he was quite successfully written :o)
As much as I enjoyed it, I think that if the story had been longer, more drawn out, that would have definitely kept people reading. When they were talking about setting the villian up, making him jealous because she was taken by another man, I thought for sure there would be more to that. I was hoping for some sort of public display that would have Terullio scheming for revenge. It all ended sort of abruptly.
Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the story without a doubt and don't regret taking the time to read it and I would definitely recommend it to others.

If you're looking for a nice steamy read with a sweetly happy ending, this one is sure to be a pleaser. I only wish there had been more of it to read :o)


Sela Carsen said...

Thanks, Danielle! I appreciate the review!