Saturday, January 13, 2007

Who keeps praying for snow?

Yes, it's snowing here...again. We've had more snow this winter than the past five winters combined. The children have already missed 8 days of school because of snow and power outages, that's a record for us here and the kids are probably going to be in school until the middle of summer making up those days.

I suppose I could use the snow as inspiration considering my WIP has a lot of snow in it but I'm not finding the real snow to be terribly's more distracting than anything. I sit here at my desk watching the snow fall so peacefully, so quiet and unhurried as it piles up in the backyard, turning the world white and covering up all of the imperfections so that everything looks clean and soft. And still my WIP remains unrevised.

Okay, back to work. I'll close the blinds so that I can't see the snow and turn on my MP3 player so I can't hear the kids and get back to those revisions.

I just wish revisions were coming as steadily as the snow is.


lainey bancroft said...

Hi, Danielle
You must be getting our snow! We usually have at least a fresh coat of powder by now, and even more in Northern Ontario. Nothin'. Rain. Sleet. More rain. :(
My kids are disapointed to say the least. Not a single day off school and worse, not a single snowmobile trail open. It'll hit eventually, I'm sure.

Good luck with those revisions!

Anonymous said...

Danielle, snow is inspiring, beautiful, peaceful...for about 5 minutes!

Like Lainey said, the west coast is must be getting our weather. It's mid January and we still haven't had more than a dusting.

Of course, we did get the ice pellets and freezing rain yesterday.