Monday, November 06, 2006

Song Writing?

I had to write a song to put in my current WIP because the title of the story is Logan's Song and because he's a famous singer. At the ened of the story, to convince the love of his life to come back to him, he writes her a song. Well, since he lives in my head, it's really me that had to write the song.

Well, I got it done but it took me quite awhile to do and, while the effort was decent, it's definately not something that Toby Keith or Trace Adkins would record. But what can I say; I'm not a professional musician.

I just hope I can get it polished up enough to put in the story and make it express what I was trying to express.

NaNo is going really well. I have just over 15,000 words so far and the story is coming along nicely. I'm enjoying the challenge and watching the word counts rise for other participants as well. It's definitely a learning experience.