Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Cruizing Rite Along

I reached chapter 12 in my book today and have just over 50,000 words written. The storyline is really coming along and I'm hoping that it'll be a published work by this time next year. I have several ideas already for other books so as soon as this one is done and the MS is sent off to the publishing house of my choice, I'll start on another work and be just as excited to see that once come alive on my computer screen and in my heart.

Some people say that writing is a work of art but to me, it's a work of heart. By the time I've finished this book, the characters will be a part of who I am, that- in my opinion- goes beyond art.

Friday is my oldest child's 15th birthday. I have two teenagers in the house! Yikes. Birthday season is almost over. Only one birthday after this one on Friday. In two weeks my second daughter will be 11 and the baby just turned 9, wow, it's busy around here. I love school- when the kids are in it :D


Lee Morrison said...

WTG Danielle! Keep on cruisin'.


Danielle said...

Thanks :o) I intend to.