Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'm one step closer.... right?

So I have a BLOG, that makes me a real writer....right? ;) Just kidding, I know I have to actually write to be a writer so here I am.... writing.

I completely tore apart chapter one of my Work In Progress today, started totally over and I have to say, I'm liking it better now. It has more emotion and feeling this time around so that's a good thing. I'm waiting on word from my critique partner to see what she says about it, then I'll continue with chapter 2.

I guess I never really realized just how hard it would be at times to "Tell a story" but once you get started there are so many things to consider; it's so much more than simply telling a story. It's also about making the readers love your characters and feel the emotions that you're trying to portray. I, personally, have enjoyed many a good book, felt what the characters were feeling, without really paying all that much attention to how the author accomplished that. Now that I'm trying to write a book myself, I find that when I'm reading someone else's work, I'm reading it from a writer's perspective, figuring out how this author is projecting the emotions of these characters outside of the book and into my heart. This is a good thing, right?

Sometimes, yes, however, I also find that I lose a little of the feelings when I'm being so analytical about what I'm reading so I have to find the balance. "Sigh* It's so much more complicated than I would ever have imagined.