Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Spring is on it's way....

You wouldn't know it by looking outside right now but it's coming. It's supposed to be nearly 60 here this weekend but today it's quite blustery and gray. I'm sitting in my favorite spot by the living room window watching the birds in my yard pecking at the seed I leave dumped in piles all over the lawn. This morning we have cardinals- male and female- mourning doves, a downy woodpecker, a couple of blue jays and some others that I don't yet know the names of. I love the birds and watching them brings me such joy.

Writing is slow but progressing. I'm trying very hard to get one of my favorite stories finished. It's been a work in progress for two years and it's time I got it done. Here's a little synopsis: Logan (inspired by Toby Keith) is a country music star who is worn out and a bit discouraged. He decides to go on vacation to his favorite childhood spot in the Florida Keys. Katherine, recently jilted, was supposed to be traveling to the Keys with her fiance but ends up there alone. A celeb smitten hotel clerk mistakenly rents Katherine's room to Logan and the two are thrown together for what promises to be a delightful vacation for both.

I love this story and I'm not really sure why it's taken me so long to finish it. My biggest hurdle so far has been bridging the first part to the end. I have 150 pages written and then I jumped ahead to the end...and now I need to bridge the gap. Or maybe I need to get rid of the ending and just move on from page 150 so it's not so much about a bridge as just finishing the story.

I don't know, right now I'm reading what I have to reaquaint myself with the story. I'm sure inspiration will come to me sometime between page 1 and 150.

Do you ever write out of order or do you write linear? I tend to be linear because for me it keeps things straight in my mind but with this story I got stuck and jumped ahead to the next scene...but now I'm still stuck so I'm gonna back up and keep being linear :)