Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fairy Tales & Reality

I'm supposed to be working on a story, one that's due like right now but here's the reality of it...I'm not. I'm here, updating my blog, reading the news, playing games, helping my children make their first email addresses...anything but writing what I'm supposed to be writing.

The fairytale would have me doing final edits by now; final edits on a perfectly penned work of art. Something that people would be reading generations from now; something wonderful enough to win some kind of award.

So why can't the fairytale and reality be one and the same? Why is it that I'm having such a hard time focusing on this one story? Maybe I'm afraid that my writing won't measure up. Maybe I'm reluctant to hear someone say, "This isn't what I was hoping for."

And now that I've done my whining for the day, I'll get off of here and get back to writing.

Do any of you fellow writers have days like this? How do you get passed it?